The First Edition was published in 2003, incorporated by reference into regulation in 2005, and became effective in pipeline safety regulations in 2006. A lot has changed since then, beginning with technology, and we have learned much since those early days of pipeline public awareness programs about how most people communicate and how and when they are most receptive to receiving information from operators.

The first table below provides a summary of changes in RP 1162 by section. If you prefer to view the spreadsheet vs. the table, it can be downloaded here.

If you scroll way down the page, the second and third tables show how baseline and supplemental messaging count comparison has changed for the Affected Public (AP), Excavator (EX), Public Official (PO), and Emergency Official (EO). (The audience abbreviation is immediately followed by a number, which indicates the number of baseline or supplemental messages for that particular audience in that specific edition of RP 1162. AP10 EX8 PO10 EO10 = ten (10) messages for Affected Public, Public Officials, and Emergency Officials, and eight (8) messages for Excavators.)